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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Social Media Wrap Up

This past month in the social media world, specifically the Cumberland Facebook Groups that include Cumberland RI Issues and Concerns, Concerned Cumberland Parents and Cumberland RI Local, has been a busy one.

Most of the focus on all three pages have been the questions, info, and articles posted regarding the Cumberland School District re opening plans. As anticipated, the Cumberland School Department released the plans (7 total) that were submitted to RIDE for approval. As you can imagine there were a flurry of questions, issues, and concerns that could not immediately or definitively answered. Most of the discussion surrounded the Virtual Academy plans and how it was less than everyone anticipated as well as the full year enrollment requirement that is not entirely accurate. Hopefully by the time this issue is out, some clarity will have been achieved.

Highlights from the Cumberland RI Issues and Concerns (other than schools) were traffic issues, the round a bouts, election coverage, water quality issues, and of course most recently the power outages and trees being down. Some highlights from the Cumberland Concerned Parents focus more on the school system and general education, as well as library updates, OCYL program updates, should schools even reopen and most importantly the contributions by Mr. Bill Dennen who tirelessly posts crucial information and data as well as live commentary and summary of educational meetings, pandemic updates and the Governor press conferences (with an assist to Amy Tomei Goggin). The newest of the three groups, Cumberland RI Local, replaced the old Cumberland Community group as the former administrators no longer wanted to continue. This group focuses on bringing business owners and residents together via recommendations. Highlights consist of members asking for service recommendations, business advertisements, real estate and related in addition to school questions, town notices, etc.

Each of the groups has a certain focus, however many of the town issues are discussed in all. Administrators due their best to keep it civil and on topic, and I can attest, it is a difficult job. Thankfully, two additional groups were created if anyone feels the need to vent, complain, argue uncontrollably, meme war, or just poke fun at the other groups. These groups are The Cumberland RI Crybaby Page and Uncensored Cumberland Concerns and Issues. Warning: these two groups are not for the faint of heart, but they have proven a necessary evil to keep the three main pages on their respective focuses.

As we progress, the social media wrap up will continue to provide highlights on the groups based on their activity. If you are not a member already, check them out via Facebook and become part of the discussion.

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