The "King" of Unsung Heroes

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Administration Unsung Hero

I was recently informed that members of the administration in town are not eligible to be part of the unsung hero program. Considering it was developed by the administration it makes perfect sense. That aside though, I’d like to recognize a hero in our town that happens to be part of the administration. Below is my recent nomination for the program.

“I am writing to you to discuss a person that represents the unsung hero program more than anyone I can think of. I’ve had the opportunity to watch her work over the last six months or so and she truly is an inspiration. Not many people can embrace their job description like she does. While her title in words reads community outreach coordinator, she is so much more. No matter what time of day or night, she provides much needed insight and answers to any number of questions ranging from fireworks to building codes.

She recreated the town website to be much more mobile friendly, she answers messages through the town Facebook account as fast as they can be typed, she creates programs to keep the community involved via email, social media or direct messages. I am astounded by the impact she has had within the town in such a short time. Personally, I can’t really remember what we did before her but I can say with absolute certainty, Cumberland is lucky to have her. The world seems so complex and overwhelming that at some point we all have an issue that needs an answer. We all have a concern that poses a question. The lucky ones have someone they can turn to, to ask a question, to get an answer, or just to talk. Our town’s someone has a name. Her name is Sarah King.”

While she can’t technically be recognized as an unsung hero as I have learned, it is always nice to hear you are doing a good job and making a difference. Keep up the great work and don’t forget to take a break once and awhile!

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