Rokn' Art, a gift shop with a soul

Updated: Jul 13

I had the pleasure of visiting a new local business on opening weekend this past month. Rokn’ Art has opened a new storefront in the Seabra Plaza on Mendon Road and it is the fulfillment of owner Kristin Moreau’s dream. Her new gift shop has a lot of stories to tell.

Married for 13 years and a full time teacher by trade, Kristin was nearly broken after her marriage took a turn for the worse and ended with divorce. She decided to turn to her love for art to get through this difficult time and found it soon became her passion. Starting to make crafts and gifts in her basement in 2017, she began to turn a negative into a positive. Her artwork is full of inspirational and motivational quotes that have helped her move on from the past and enter a new, optimistic future. From working in her basement, she traveled to several fairs and had an Etsy store soon after. As life tends to do, when one door shuts-another one opens. A new relationship had begun in her personal life, and with that, a newfound support and encouragement. This spurned her to open this new brick and mortar location.

It is a very nice spot, beautifully decorated with a gorgeous service desk. While she still does a lot of work at home in her new basement “Rock Room”, this location is a great showcase of all her creations. Ninety percent of the store is handmade original items. She also offers some natural and organic handmade soaps and even started her own line of Rokn' Arts Kits complete with canvas, glue and instructions to make your own Rokn' Art. Most of the rocks used in the art are found locally, some from across the country as her friends and relatives travel and collect them. Each art piece has a story, this one pictured, the yellow petals came from Narragansett (this one will grace our home). Every creation she showed me, she could remember where the materials came from and each had their own story, quite remarkably she knows them all.

If you have a chance, stop by the new storefront located on 2000 Mendon Road in Cumberland. Browse the store, pick up some cool soap and let Kristin guide you through her creations, each with a detailed and unique message, direct from her heart.

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Stay tuned for the new Monthly Raffle to be held via Facebook Live where all proceeds go to local cause!

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