Dance Theatre Receives Artists Relief Fund Grant

This past week, Dance Theatre of Rhode Island was notified that they were awarded a grant from the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts. This second round of grants were part of the state sponsored Artist Relief Fund.

From the email: “Congratulations! I am happy to report that the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts has awarded a grant in the amount of $800.00 as part of the Artist Relief Fund! Thank you for your creative contributions to our state’s arts and cultural community!”

The majority of RISCA’s funding comes from the Rhode Island General Assembly in addition to the National Endowment for the Arts. Artistic Director of DTRI, Jennifer Morey, would like to thank the members of the General Assembly for continuing to promote the Arts and Culture throughout the State of Rhode Island. A special thank you to our elected representatives, State Senator Ryan W. Pearson and State Representative James N. McLaughlin. During these desperate times, struggling artists across the state are hanging on by a thread and any assistance and recognition is much appreciated.

This grant will be utilized to help the dance studio remain open. Having been on “pause” for the last three weeks, the entire month of December was lost considering the Holidays at the end of the month. Funds like this will aid in the continuation of Miss Jen’s passion, as well as furthering the generations of students she has instructed since 1989. The studio looks forward to entering 2021 with a new focus and determination to continue its nationally recognized success and pick up where they left off in March of 2020.

Here is a link to our video submission to the Rhode Island Arts Council over this past summer. This grant and future grant opportunities will help pave the way to our return to glory. Looking forward to a bright future and keeping the arts alive for decades to come.

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