Angelo's Palace Pizza, A Cumberland Landmark

As many of us know, Angelo's has been around for quite some time, over 4 decades. Our family is accustomed to getting take out delivered to the dance studio quite often, however, my wife and I had the pleasure of eating dinner there this past Friday night. She had made reservations for us and we met up after work.

We were pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere having not dined there in some time. My wife got there a bit before me and had a nice table in the Venue 131 section. The weather was beautiful and the incredible entrance was wide open to let the outside in. Bill Kitsilis greeted me at the door and we discussed our high school years briefly as he brought me to our table. Immediately I noticed all of the extra precautions that they have implemented to become Covid Compliant. Patio heaters, two to a table, were out in force. Mobile air filters were stationed throughout the establishment to accommodate air flow. More than adequate spacing between tables was visible. Masks, masks, masks, of course. The best part was after that initial scan that we all have become accustomed to, I never noticed these items again. The establishment has gone to great efforts to provide an in person dining experience that reminds me of restaurants pre-covid. For that 2 hours, the world felt a bit more normal.

During our dinner, Christine Kitsilis popped over to strike up a conversation, socially distant with air hugs of course. Jen immediately reminisced of a time when her and her father would walk down the hill from their home on Fairview Avenue religiously on Wednesday nights. They would be greeted by Christine and Angelo behind the counter like something out of the Cheers sitcom. The restaurant had no more than five total booths and a red/white tile floor back then. Their regular order was a large pepperoni pizza, fries and one famous Italian grinder. Christine nodded her head, fighting back tears all while mentioning how proud she was to have her children continuing the passion of the family. Some years later, Jen had the privilege of coaching Angelo and Christine's daughter, Alex, as a cheerleader. It was a pleasure to witness them discuss the past while we sit in the beautifully renovated facility that began from such humble beginnings.

Check out this family owned gem for take out or dine in. Patio is open 7 nights a week until 10 PM, please call for reservations. Website:

Thank you to the Kitsilis family for the food, the memories and the experience. We look forward to dining here for many generations to come.

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