Amy Rogalski to run write in campaign for vacant District 4 School Committee Seat

I would like to announce that I am running as a write-in candidate for the open District Four seat on the Cumberland School Committee.

We moved to Cumberland when my oldest child began kindergarten specifically for this school system, and over the years I have been very impressed with both the town and the schools. I have enjoyed seeing the passion of parents, as well as the hard work of the school committee, and feel that now is a good time to involve myself in that process. I bring a unique perspective because I am both a former educator and a parent of elementary, middle, and high school students. As a former high school teacher I know what it’s like to be in the classroom. As a parent of students at every level of our schools, I know what it’s like to navigate the waters and the concerns that we face as parents. And as an active member of the community with a social network that covers all ages, being a CYLAX board member, and lacrosse coach for both older and younger kids, I feel that I have a good finger on the pulse of the town as well as interests of other parents and students. I relish the opportunity to work with other school committee members - both new and returning - and shape the future of our school system. These are times like no other that we have faced and new challenges will affect all of us. I am hopeful that my perspective will allow me to see the issues from all sides and make fair and supportive decisions and help guide the decision making process for the town. When it comes time to vote in November, I would greatly appreciate your support. Whether it be via mail-in ballot or at the polls, I ask that you please consider writing in my name for the District Four seat. Thank you.

-Amy Rogalski

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